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Our Process


This is where I get to know you and your project.  The term Designer's use is called programming. We will go over the project, your vision any inspirations you have(or don't have) and answer some  questions that will pertain to the project.  This part is really important! It's' how the design comes together.  The second meeting of this phase is to review your mood board. This can be done in person or virtual.




The next phase is when the Designer starts  putting all the pieces together for the design.  This could involve sourcing material, taking measurements, creating floor plans, reviewing products & warranties, This phase also could include consulting & collaborating with contractors. Once this part of the phase has been approved by the client, the project begins. Review of materials or floor plans can be done in person or virtual. If you are purchasing items on your own, through your contractor or choose to use one of the company's vendors the item's would be ordered at this phase.



This is when you would start construction, or have any physical changes needed to the site completed. Once completed  your furnishings can be delivered. Any other decor will be placed in the design at this time. 

This is the phase you get to enjoy your newly designed home.


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