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Time for a change...

We are all spending a lot of time at home these days Our spaces have never been so important to us. Work and school all taking place in the home. For most, the home was the place to go to for comfort and relaxation after being out all day. In the earlier days of the pandemic, homeowners were creating spaces for their families to sit and work, mostly at kitchen and dinning room tables.

Now that we are on our way to getting back to work and school, some of us are still working and schooling from home. What can we do to make that space, once used as a retreat from the daily grind, and now has had to become part of it?

Paint and texture can brighten up the area with little cost. Have a hard time making the right choice? When putting together a space, I look for inspiration. Think of all the things that bring you joy, blue ocean water, landscapes, artwork, vacation photos.

There will be a time that we are back to what we remember as normal, but for now we can feel better about where we are today!

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